Mangit Collection

Indian fabric and Italian design

Indian fabric and Italian design

Our Storia

Mangit is a name that comes from afar. 

From Punjab, precisely, a region that extends rich and luxuriant in the north west of India, a land where nature grows free and very green, fed by the waters of five rivers. A place of pulsating creativity, scents, colors, sounds and fantastic landscapes.

It is here, between expanses of wheat, centuries-old forests and buildings steeped in history, that the idea of Mangit Collection was born, a selection of clothing and accessories for women's fashion that combines oriental charm with Italian design.

All of our raw materials are in fact produced and processed in India, while the garments are designed in Italy, inspired by high fashion trends.

Mangit collection is a story of contamination, of cultures that intertwine and intersect, combining the best of both and giving life to unique, original and inimitable garments and accessories. Both in style and in quality.

Our Mission

Mangit Collection wants to be the brand of the woman who loves to stand out, with originality, taste and class.

Mangit Collection offers a selection of top quality garments and accessories with a refined design but which do not lack that effervescence, color and originality that makes them unique and suitable for those who always want to stand out without ever giving up on elegance.

From winter to summer, we offer a selection of garments and accessories that can be sold wholesale, so that Indian quality and Italian style can reach every woman.

Our Philosophy

Mangit collection listens to its consumers and also to the world around us. This is why one of our primary goals is to be sustainable and ethical.

By visiting the shops of small Indian artisans we learn our fabric processing techniques for wool, cotton, silk and cashmere, with enormous respect for both the raw material and the people.

Our garments are 100% recyclable because they are made with natural and quality raw materials, which you can touch with your hand.

Mangit is a name that indicates the strength and personality, the charm and charisma of those who know how to seduce. The same passionate and intriguing spirit that you can discover in all the proposals signed by Mangit Collection and that you can also offer to your customers.